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     Journey started at 12 years old! The journey was a big struggle for Crazy-C and it was that way for a reason . It was that way to mold him into a true devine being that he is. "With struggle come GAIN "!! Better said  - "Endure the Pain and Enjoy the Gain". Best way to describe his life is similar to the greatest spiritual soldier, 2Pac Shakur "the rose that grew from concrete."     Born as Richard Carson Lewis, which is 2 people in one body: Rich & Crazy. Crazy-C just for how crazy he was growing up , which always been his nickname. If you look up his background criminal record, you would see it has Crazy-C for one of his aliases; he laughed... but Da Wyte 2Pac , is just how he is spiritually and how quick he picks up knowledge. He might be young but he poccess the knowledge and wisdom like an old soul. You Hear Me...      Growing up, he always thought life didn't matter and school didn't either so he dropped out because of his faith took over... I was like who needs to go to school when your gonna impact the world with what you know already on top of doing research. My life is on one path and that's right and i will not stop til' I'm on top of the game.  Back to the growing up , i just really didn't give a f*** and didn't even understand that every one has a purpose in this life until now.  From the gang life to the drug life. "I survived", bear witness.       I had so many close calls, it's crazy!! If any one had did what i done in my life, I believe they would be dead. Big tragic event in my life was a heart attack at 20 years old, due to sippin on sizzurp an popping triple c's. I was on that stuff for 6 years or better, had to have it every day. There were nights when I'd go crazy and my mom would have to call the police because I done flipped out and grabbed a knife and put it to her room mates throat.  That proves that I was possessed by the devil, the police came bustin in, I had butterfly knife flipping it and they had the glocks aimed at me ready to shoot... but my mind was so opened that I knew they were not gonna shoot. I pick up vibes and see signs. It gets so f***in real , I told the police they aint have no bullets in they gun hahaha told em if u gonna pull it shoot.      To make a long story short, they pepper sprayed me, i was crazy they took me to jail and they didn't even take me in. They went in a got the majerstrate to come out to the car to look at me. Once he looked at me, I was flipping out non-stop so he told the police "he aint coming to my jail, take him to Holy hill". Holy hill is a crazy house for the insain in Raleigh, North Carolina. I stayed there for a long azz time, not too long though. By the time I got out, I was so lost.. I mean i was doing my music thang but I was lost... I went insane and was ready to die, I didn't even know myself... You're not alive until you're about to die!     I believe my purpose is to speak my mind and speak it into existence. I'm deep like Pac, for I am my own creator. The experiences that I've been threw made me so enlightened.  While growing up 2pac raised me through music, I became to think positive and speak knowledge. I can not wait to be heard, like 2pac said he is coming back like Jesus is coming! I know I will have caused that great impact on this world before time's up. Keep watching...On the real , most of the population is born deaf, dumb and blind unless they are taught the morals and lessons. Its up to us to find our true purpose and true self and live out our own purpose that is hidden in our soul waiting to be reveal whenever that day may come .      80 percent of use 10 percent of there brain, people like me use 100 percent. Only 20 percent think like me, **** maybe even lower than that . All I know is I'm one of a kind . People like me are blessed with a gift of creativity and a deep understanding of the world with no help what so ever. That's becuase I'm real like that, I hate all these fake mothafukkaz...  I live my life with love, life, loyalty,knowledge, wisdom and understanding. I see sht clear in this ****! Every human has power . They fail to activate it through their 3rd which is what you dream with... for the people that activate there 3rd and know who they are an there true purpose on this earth are the ones to do maraculous things in this life, such as fame. Understand that there is one God and I'm not talking about the Bible. I'm talking about the universe.      Understand that you are a god from a higher power that created everything. Its always mind over matter for me. I can go deep and deeper , but i dnot wanna blind people for too much light is blinding. If you have listened or read what I've been writing, if you are blind to real **** and if you are like the 80 percent of people, this will all be a bunch of **** that you might say is crazy... but let me tell you, being crazy is a blessing from a higher power and know that your 3rd is the seed to your soul. through that you can accomplish anything that is impossible. See i think like the world is the illusion and I am the author watching every one else... Everyone gonna be watching me soon enough , I gotta force in me that will be discovered and will be heard all over the world  like Makaveli said "ALL EYES ON ME .... "Knowledge is power and wisdom is the source while your soul is the force........" -WhitePac    
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