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Dedicated Web Hosting Servers

Dedicated Server

Standing out from the pack is not a cheap thing. Nor are dedicated servers. Nevertheless, they have ascertained that the utmost independence more often than not pays off. According to us, selecting the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel is the cleverest move. Hepsia ships at no additional fee and has the finest hosting content management tools in 1 single, compact client panel, demanding just one account.


Dedicated Hostings

Purchasing a dedicated hosting signifies that you have a whole web server at your disposal. In contrast with the web hosting services or the Virtual Private Server platform where you share a web hosting server with a specific number of other clients, with a dedicated hosting server you can avail of all the resources for your sites' needs.


Dedicated Hosting Server

Free and paid shared plans are among the most famous hosting products on the marketplace. They are splendid for small-size web pages that do not demand plenty of system resources and do not attract that many website visitors, but for resource-requiring sites with many 1000's of viewers, a more powerful platform is necessary.


Dependable Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting servers are typically much more expensive than shared web hosting servers or virtual hosting servers. Why would anyone, then, use them? The reply is rather simple. If your corporation has a heavy resource-devouring web portal, or just has very precise server architecture requirements, the most suitable option is a dedicated hosting server.


Reliable Dedicated Servers

One key advantage of the dedicated web hosting server over a shared web space hosting package is that you gain full root-level access, so you can install any software application that you wish. Certain electronic commerce shopping cart software applications, for example, need extra software that cannot be installed on a shared hosting server as it would affect all the customers on it.


Powerful Dedicated Hosting

The most powerful of all web page hosting options, the dedicated hosting severs provided by Exclusive Hosting arrive with different web hosting CP alternatives: Hepsia (with theDebian Linux OS only, free of charge. Unlimited hosted Top Level Domains. 1 web hosting account login. All dedicated server are available only in the US server farm.